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Nova Hospital is located at Shivpur Varanasi. Providing excellence and quality medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment. We bring peace of mind for the patients. We strive to change Hospital Services in a way that will have a great impact on people’s lives; working together to put the patient first in everything we do. Caring for the individual; adhering to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasize complete honesty and continuing to tearn and work in a constant effort to improve our skills, programs and services. The Hospital will well equipped to diagnose and treat Medical, Surgical,Trauma, and Rehabilitation patients. The Hospital also provides comprehensive Preventive and Industrial Health Check-up Services.
From a personal leadership perspective, the qualifications of the trauma medical director and the trauma program manager should reflect leadership, planning, performance improvement, and trauma care expertise. These individuals lead the trauma care team and are responsible for the organizational integrity of the program. As such, it is desirable that these individuals obtain greater than 50 percent of their continuing education credits outside the hospital. It is also desirable that they participate in the development or operation of a local, regional, and statewide trauma care system and be involved in local or regional EMS services and local or regional trauma agency activities. The hospital might consider providing additional resources, such as a quality improvement staff member and clerical support, to assist with these activities.

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Patient’s well-being: It will be our topmost priority. Adopt and encourage evidence based ethical practices. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Provide a safe and comfortable working environment to employees and associates. Embrace technology and innovation in the delivery of healthcare

Our Vission

To establish a benchmark super speciality hospital in Varanasi area where hospital provide quality medical services to community irrespective of their cast, religion and economy status.

On Emergency

The Adult Emergency is a 20- bedded emergency that is dedicated to caring for the sick in their most vulnerable state of health. At Nova, Emergency Physicians are highly educated and have training that crosses different medical specialties to meet demanding challenges.
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